Mediteranian Cultural Studies - International Conflict Management - Professors

Enric Olivé i Serret: Professor of Contemporary History at the Rovira i Virgili University.Director of the Research Group on Gender, Interculturality and Mediterranian Studies and director of the Euromed Observatory for Intercultural Dialogue and Human Rights. Coordinator of the doctorate and master programme ¨Mediterranian Cultural Studies¨, president of the academic cometee of the University Forum of

Bichara Khader: Professor of Political Sciences at the Louvain University(Belgium). Supervisor of The Study and Research Centre Of Contemporary Arabian World.
Consultant of the High Representant of the PESC of the U.E. and member of the Savis Comission appointed by Romani Prodi. Born in Palestina she is one of the most prestigious experts in the geopolitic of the arabian world and its relations with Europe , theme on which she has a great number of publications.

Joseph Maïla: Professor of philosophy, political sciences and international relations at the Economic and Social Sciences Faculty of The Catholic Institute in Paris, institution where he had been a rector( heading the Research Centre On Peace) and also deacon of the History of Art Faculty of the Saint Joseph University of Beirut ( Lebanon). His research work is focused mainly on the sociology of the conflicts and international relations.He has worked as a UNESCO consultant ( creating the UNESCO´s International Centre of Human Sciences at Byblos, Lebanon) and has participated as an expert at the euro-mediterranian conference in Barcelona(1995) and at the International Organization of Francophony.

Isabella Camera: Professor of Arabic language and culture at the Neaples University, she is one of the experts in the arabian literature , being appreciated by universities from the Middle Orient and North Africa. She traduced into italian many important arabian writers such as Ghassan Karafani or Emile Habibi. At the present she is also teaching at the ¨Universitá degli Studi de La Sapienza¨ in Rome.

Antoni Blanc: Tenured professor of international public law and international relations at the Lleida Univerity . Doctor of Law at the University of Barcelona and expert in international human law, he has published numerous works related to nacional conflicts in the Eastern Europe and to euromediterranian relations.

Giuseppe Giliberti: holds the chair of Foundations of European Law at the University of Urbino (Italy), where he is director of the Centre for Institution Building and President of the degree course in International Co-operation and Development Policies. He is also lecturer in Human Rights at the Universities of Urbino, Bologna and Tarragona.

Laura Feliu: Tenured professor of international relations at the Faculty of Political Siences, University of Barcelona. She is also teaching at the Intenational Documentation Centre in Barcelona ; she is one of the founding memebers of the Investigators Forum of the Arabian and Musulman World( FIMAM). Specialized in the Magrebbi region, her main themes of research are centered on the relationships between foreign affairs and human rights.

Mercè Viladrich: Professor of Arabian Islamic History and Culture at the University of Barcelona. She is also teaching at the Arab Filology Departament, which is part of the doctoral programme on Hebrew and Arabic Cultures at the University of Bacelona. Expert on history of science, arabian islamic institutions in the Middle Ages and in Al Andalus.

Maria Bonet: Tenured professor of Medieval History at the Rovira I Virgili University. Her research is focused on cultural history of the Mediterranean area during the Middle Ages.

Mario Arias: Professor Titular d'Economia Aplicada a la Universitat Rovira i Virgili, especialista en educació a distancia mitjançant les TIC i e@learning. Ha col·laborat entre altres, amb el Center for Computing and Social Responsibility de la Montfort University (Regne Unit). La seva matèria resulta summament important per a assentar les bases de les tècniques i els coneixements necessaris per a instaurar la formació on-line de tot el programa.

Salvador de Brocà: Tenured professor of Philosophy at the Antropology, Philosophy and SocialWork Department of the Rovira I Virgili University. He has published numerous works related to the contribution of the classic culture to the collective imaginary of Europe and the Mediterranean.

  Gian Piccinelli: Professor of Muslim law of the Islamic countries at the Naples University. He is a specialist in comercial and banking law. President of the Faculty of Political Studies "Jean Monnet" at the Second University of Studies in Naples.

Javier de Lucas: Professor of Philosophy and Law and director of the Spanish College in Paris. Director of the Studying Group on Citizenship, Immigration, Minorities and Interculturality at the University of Valencia. He has published a great number of monographies and articles on political philosophy and on human rights, especially on juridical problems related to immigration, multiculturalism and the rights of the

Senén Florensa: Doctor in Law at Complutense University, Madrid. Before starting his diplomatic career he worked as a professor. Former ambassador of Spain in Tunis, he is also director of the Cooperation Institute of Arabian World of AECI.
Joseph Mifsud : doctor in Filosophy, he is responsable for the European Affairs Department at the University of Malta and delagate of the maltese Government for matters related to Higher Education in the European Union.

Joseph Mifsud: Doctor en filosofia, és el responsable de la Unitat d'Afers Europeus de la Universitat de Malta ( i delegat del Govern maltès per a les qüestions relatives a la UE i l'ensenyament superior.

Ferran Izquierdo: Tenured professor of International Relations at the Public law and historical and juridical science Departament from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. His main area of research is focused on the conflicts between the mediterranean region and the proxim orient and on the role of the hidrografic resources from this

Marta Andreu: holder of a predoctoral scolarship from the Rovira i Virgili University at the Departament of Communication. Her main research work is centered on the documental as a genre of audiovisual

Avi Moghrabi: Israelian film director; he studied art at the Ramat Hasharon Art School and filosophy at the Tel Aviv University. He is at the same time producer, actor, fotography director, stage director and producer of documentals. From his work stand out titles such as : ¨ Expulsion¨( 1989), ¨ How I learned to overcome my fear and love Ark Sharon¨ ( 1997), August- A moment before the eruption¨ ( 2002)
Raffaele Salinari: President of the Terres des Hommes¨ non guvernamental organization, his research is oriented on the field of international cooperation, especially on non guvernamental organization and their social political impact. As a professor he worked with different Italian Universities, such as the ones from Bolony or Urbino. Moreover he had taken part in nomerous projects of international cooperation, especially in central Africa.

Raffaele Salinari : President de l'ONG Terre des Hommes. Recerca orientada en el camp de la cooperació internacional, especialment de les organitzacions no governamentals i el seu impacte sociopolític. Ha col·laborat com a docent a diverses universitats italianes, com Bologna o Urbino; a més d'haver participat en nombrosos projectes de cooperació internacional, especialment a l'Àfrica Central.

Mohamed Kerrou: Professor of sociology at the El Manar University from Tunis. His last research has been centered on relationships between individuals, religions and public space in Magreb area. His analisis of the maghrebian civil society are important for all the studies related to this area.

Robert Roda: Tenured professor at the Antropology, Filology and Social Work Departament from the Rovira I Virgili University. He is an expert in the interreligious dialogue inside the mediterranean space.

Mario Ruiz: Tenured professor of Filosophy of Law at the Rovira I Virgili University, colaborator with The Human Rights Institute Bartolome de las Casas( University of Madrid Carlos III), member of different Spanish and European groups which are working on human rights and different constitutions and political regimes from mediterranean area.

  Ángeles Galiana: Professor of Filosophy of Law at the Rovira I Virgili University. Memeber of the Research Group on Citizenship, Minorities and Immigration ( GECIM) from the University of Valencia.angeles.

Josep Anton Ybarra: professor of Applied Economy at the University of Alicante. He is specialist in the investigation of the mediterranean and islamic economy.

José Carlos Suarez: Tenured professor at the Rovira I Virgili University, expert in the mediterranean cinema, not only from an art critic point of view but also from a sociologic perspective that encourages/ promotes/ fosters the mediterranean creativity.

Mahmoud El Sayed: Professor of Spanish literature and culture at the Cairo University and traducer/ translator of Spanish classics in arab. Former cultural adviser of the Egiptian Embassy in Madrid, connected with the Hispanic Egiptian Cultural Institute.

Sebastià Serra: Professor of Contemporary History at the Baleares Isles University, he is specialized on turistical phenomena as ones of the main socioeconomical guidelines of the Mediterranean space.

Pere Poy: Holder of a predoctoral scolarship( FPU) of the Catalan Filology Departament from the Rovira I Virgili University. His main area of research is focused on the dialogue between three monoteistic religions of the mediterranean space: judaism, christianity and islamism - paying special attention on the political and social implication.

Richard Gillespie: Professor of Political Science at the University of Liverpool; editor of the Mediterranean Politics magazine and expert in the spanish and north african politic . At the right moment his research is focused on the forreign affairs of the European Union, paying special attention to the Euromediterranean partnership and on the immigration policies of Spain and United Kingdom.

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