- Mediteranian Cultural Studies - International Conflict Manegement - Objectives

The aims of the master

- To prepare proffesionals and experts in the Euro-Mediterranian region so much on a global scale as at a national level, offering them the historical, social, juridical and political background through analisis of themes such as interculturality, migration, geopolitical dynamics, religious diversity, conflict transformation, sustainability and gender equality, cooperation and management of Non Guvernamental Organizations.

- The master with a duration of two academic courses is directed to graduated students and to professionals in the field.

- The master prepares students both for doctoral investigation as well as for working in areas related to the master´s objectives.

Title Orientation

- The complexity of the social, economic and political processes of the Mediterranean region requires more experts every day, professionals who are ready to face the problems of this area which influences politics and societies worldwide. Moreover, organizations and local, national and transnational institutions are on the outlook for experts who have a pluridisciplinary perspective instead of a linear one and who are capable of understanding the intercultural processes that are taking place.

- The migration process, the social religious confrontations, the cultural policies, the Euromed programmes, the relations between North and South, the long lasting development are themes that shall be tackled from a multidisciplinary perspective with the aim to form experts who are be able to manage the conflicts of the area.

Competence developement

- Non guvernamental organisation management.
- To design and evaluate cooperation projects.
- To acquire experience inside Public Administration involved in mediterranian matters.
- To guide and control situations that involve conflict, diversity and interculturality.


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